Catch a ride on the first PUV built with Bitcoin Cash


We offer a digital music experiance with a little taste of paradise. We accept Bitcoin Cash as payment and all are one of the only Jeepney on the road that has FREE WIFI. Thats right FREE WIFI to do all your instant transactions while traveling from place to place.


Finally we want the passangers to have fun trip so we are installing a LIVE request for only 5 pesos you can listen to your favorite song while driving home or to work. Also we have access to the rest of the world people can add songs to the playlist from almost any country and broadcast there song to passangers as well. Beep Beep come take a ride!!


Let's travel!

We plan to have RFID payments on board so applications like HandCash will work. Also we want to do live digital advertisments onboard so if you have that special someone in your life you want to a message out to you can do that live onboard. Also for corporate clients we offer GPS marketing so as we pass your company locally we can show your shop or your products.


About us

This is the website for the Official BCHjeepney. Also know as the Genisis Jeepney or "Gen" for short. This was a independant project done by 20 individuals around the world all with the same goal. Bringing Bitcoin Cash to Manila and the globe.

The BCHjeepney will be operating in Quezon City along the route of Philcoa - Quiapo Espana - T.M. Kalaw this is the Silicon Valley of Manila with leading tech companies and schools in this few Kilometer strech. Gen will be driving almost everyday of the week except for Friday's as we obey all the local laws and she can't drive on that day.

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